Ian Boyd

Vice Chair

Ian Boyd - Vice Chair

I have been a member of the PFLA virtually since its inception and our farm was one of the first to be certified as both a “producer” and “butcher” in 2015. We trade as “Cotswold Beef’ and it is proving to be a successful venture for us.

I farmed our 280 ha Cotswold Hill family farm conventionally for 25 years but changed to satisfy my passion for wildlife photography and it has been quite a revelation to me that you start off trying to help the farmland wildlife and you end up a butcher!

We are lucky enough to have the next generation interested in continuing our regenerative farming journey and we now have a great team running Cotswold Beef. This, in theory, should give me more time to pursue other interests though it has not happened yet.

I have been involved in many aspects of the PFLA over the years and have represented the PFLA at several important meetings. I have attended most of the PFLA events and in the process, I have been lucky enough to meet many of our inspirational members.

I am a past Trustee of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and have interacted with nearly all the conservation organisations.

In these uncertain times, I really want to see the PFLA have a significant role in the new ELM scheme but there is much work to do here. Integration of livestock production and care for the environment offers the best hope for the environment, the farmer and the consumer.

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