Why pasture-fed is so important

Pasture is better for animals

Compelling scientific research shows animals fed on pasture are less stressed, live longer and are more fertile than those farmed intensively.

Produces higher quality meat and milk

Food from animals that are grass-fed is healthier for humans to eat than meat produced from grain-fed cattle and sheep.

Good for the environment

Pasture for Life farms often have a positive carbon footprint – putting goodness back into soils rather than depleting them. They also support more wildlife.

Uses local resources

Grass is the UK’s national crop but is often under-utilised. There is great potential to produce more food from Britain’s grassland, reducing the need to import feeds from abroad.

Download and share the below poster by the research team which displays some of the positive impacts of pasture-fed farming, such as biodiversity restoration, improved soil health, nutritional benefits, and farm productivity.

Pasture for Life:

  • Produces the highest quality meat and milk
  • Is better for the animals
  • Is good for the environment
  • Uses local resources