Becoming Pasture for Life certified

Become Certified Pasture for Life

The standards that define Pasture for Life farming are firmly rooted in the practical experience of our farmers.

They provide a clear definition of what is meant by the term Pasture for Life. They are the foundation underpinning the Certification Mark, which helps consumers identify meat, dairy and fibre produced this way.

We always try to strike a practical balance. We do not want to burden farmers more than necessary with inspections, particularly when they are already conforming to high standards of practice.

However, it is essential to provide clarity and transparency, so customers who buy Pasture for Life can have full confidence in what it represents.

Raising livestock on a pasture-based system will not be suitable for every farm or set of circumstances. However, for those farmers that can, Pasture for Life provides an important distinction over food produced by more intensive methods. As such it may attract a price premium when sold.

The Right Foundations

We know from our farmers that Pasture for Life farming is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, if the foundations are right.

Building on widespread concern for the environment and for the welfare of animals, the three key elements are:

  • Understanding what the grass is capable of producing and improving it where necessary
  • Matching the type of animals to the available grassland
  • Ensuring the end-product meets the requirements of the available markets

To learn more about certification please contact the Pasture For Life office by email at or call 0333 772 9853.