Meet the Directors

The board of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association is currently made up of directors representing a wide and varied set of expertise suited to the running of a farmer-led organisation.

Bill Wiggin MP - Chairman

Bill Wiggin MP


Offering strong leadership and a voice in Parliament at a crucial stage in the formation of new agricultural policy.

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Fidelity Weston - Vice Chairman

Fidelity Weston

Vice Chairman

Leading initiatives to develop Pasture for Life supply chains across the UK, as well as the grazing of bio-diverse pastures.

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Dr Angela Wright - Director

Dr Angela Wright


Areas of expertise in animal welfare and the promotion of sustainable food and farming systems.

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David Andrews - Director

David Andrews


Promoting the benefits that a pasture-based system delivers for eating, production and environmental quality

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Johnnie Balfour - Treasurer and Company Secretary

Johnnie Balfour

Treasurer and Company Secretary

Combining skills and passion in farming and accountancy

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Philip Clark - Director

Philip Clark


Philip has over 30 years of business experience working mainly in sales and marketing

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Sara Gregson - Director

Sara Gregson


Areas of expertise include PR and marketing communications within the food and farming sectors.

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James Sage - Director

James Sage


15 years experience in Food and Farming Certification and a passion for building sustainable farming systems

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Dave Stanley - Director

Dave Stanley


Seeks out and disseminates all relevant Research and Development.

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Former Directors

Laura Chapman - Director

Laura Chapman


Keen to help build the market and develop supply chains.

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Dr John Meadley - Former Chairman

Dr John Meadley

Former Chairman

Responsible for moving the flock forward in the right direction (affectionately known as the Sheepdog).

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Russ Carrington - Former Director, Executive Secretary and Recording Secretary

Russ Carrington

Former Director, Executive Secretary and Recording Secretary

Carries out all day-to-day operations.

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Jeff Glyn-Jones - Former Director

Jeff Glyn-Jones

Former Director

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John Turner - Former Director

John Turner

Former Director

Founder member and lead on all technical aspects.

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Luppo Diepenbroek - Former Director

Luppo Diepenbroek

Former Director

Gathers evidence and advice for producer members on all aspects of Pasture Farming.

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Mark Bury - Former Director

Mark Bury

Former Director

Areas of expertise include business planning and supply chain mechanics.

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Simon Mellin - Former Director

Simon Mellin

Former Director

Offers commercial experience of sourcing and retailing sustainable meat.

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Neil Heseltine - Former Director

Neil Heseltine

Former Director

Promoting the benefits of Pasture Farming to producers in the North of England.

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Tom Chapman - Former Director

Tom Chapman

Former Director

Areas of expertise include the role of grazing in arable rotations, mob-grazing and grass-fed dairy.

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James Osman - Former Director

James Osman

Former Director

Key skills in lobbying, policy development and membership recruitment.

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Jonty Brunyee - Former Director

Jonty Brunyee

Former Director

Keen to reveal the economics and business case for the Pasture for Life approach.

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Anna Heaton - Former Director

Anna Heaton

Former Director

Responsible for the Pasture Production Standards and Certification.

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