Gillian Butler


Gillian Butler - Director

I have had a 40+ year career in agriculture and food production with varied roles across the spectrum of livestock systems. As an ADAS nutritionist many years ago, came the realisation that animal management, especially feeding, impacts on food quality.  For the last 20 years working at Newcastle University, I have been able to source funding (from DEFRA and the EU) to investigate further.  Research looking for the key aspects of management to produce food to enhance, rather than challenge our health, identified the role of grazing on milk and meat composition – the greater the diversity the better.

Over the last 12 years, we have not only published 25+ academic papers showing the superior nutritional composition of milk and meat from organic and low-input systems but have cultivated press coverage and other means to reach a wider audience, targeting farmers, consumers and hopefully policy makers – YOU might even be aware of our work!

Our latest study has still to be published – but we have very exciting results from PFLA, along with other conservation grazing, farms – watch this space.

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