Johnnie Balfour


Johnnie Balfour - Chair

I am the managing partner of Balbirnie Home Farms. We have a commercial herd of cattle and are Pasture for Life certified with the PFLA. I am driving a process of change to integrate these livestock increasingly in our arable rotation using cover crops and mob grazing in order to cycle nutrients and establish good breaks from cereals.

I am passionate about the PFLA and what it represents in terms of food quality. I am excited for what PFLA producers can do for land management to demonstrate environmental, cultural as well as economic best practice.
As the PFLA grows there will be an increasing need to demonstrate good financial management.

In my former career I trained as a chartered accountant and worked in both Edinburgh and Boston as an external auditor. Combining my skills and passions I believe that I have a great deal to offer the PFLA over the next few years.

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