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  • Help make the ‘Pasture for Life’ movement a real success
  • Encourage farmers to convert to Pasture Farming
  • Lend weight to calls for policy change

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  • Strengthen the voice for pastoral farming and grasslands
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  • Take part in shaping the organisation and its future direction

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  • Farmers, Butchers and Retailers can become Certified
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The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association is a growing movement which bringing together people who:

  • Have a deep interest in real and healthy food
  • Care about the welfare of farm animals
  • Are passionate about protecting the countryside for future generations to enjoy

Why become a Supporter?

While many farmers are interested in converting to a pasture-based system, they need to feel there is sufficient support from the public to take the first step. As a supporter, you will give that much-needed reassurance.

We also need to convince policy makers that Pasture for Life beef, lamb and dairy are a credible and serious option for food production in the UK. While there is strong case for Pasture for Life farming, demonstrating popular support will help bring about real change.

Supporters receive an occasional newsletter to keep them informed of developments directly relating to the buying and consumption of Pasture for Life meat and dairy, as well as news of consumer events around the country.

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Why become a Member?

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association has been set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC). This means Members can take an active role in shaping its future as they have full voting rights and can stand for election as directors.

Members receive a regular newsletter providing a comprehensive roundup of related news and events around the country.

Through the online forum, study tours, farm visits and other networking opportunities, members can learn more about raising cattle and sheep entirely from pasture, as well as make links with buyers and sellers of livestock and produce.

Members can also benefit from a range of discounts and offers from a number of suppliers. For some examples click here.

Without a doubt this is the best membership I pay for each year. I learn so much from the other Pasture for Life members
Rob Harvard, Worcestershire

We have been testing finishing our cattle with no grain this winter and all has gone well and we are putting down 14 acres of herbal leys. I find the forum excellent.
Julia Aglionby, Cumbria

If it wasn’t for the inspirational Pasture for Life farmers I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today. There is so much knowledge and help willingly shared on the forum – worth its weight in gold.
Christine Page, Shropshire

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