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(Photo: Scotland study tour by Scotland Facilitator, Clem Sandison)

'Shared knowledge is the 'magic ingredient' of agroecology' 

- Nikki Yoxall, PfL Head of Research

PfL at national events

Pasture for Life attends and hosts a range of events across the whole of the UK including Groundswell, Down To Earth, the Oxford Real Farming Conference, GO Falkland, and much more. Our diverse and dedicated community, comprising a small core team, researchers, farmers, chefs, butchers, retailers and restaurants, is passionate about the pasture-fed movement and spreading the word of its multiple positive impacts for biodiversity and carbon, human health and wellbeing, and animal health and welfare. Pasture for Life works on the ground, every day, to restore ecosystems, implement positive change in our food and farming systems, and demonstrate the benefits of 100% pasture fed.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Pasture for Life, giving you direct access to many of these events, find out more here.

(Photo: PfL tent at Groundswell)

Projects (FiPL & RCF) Events

Pasture and Profit in Protected Landscapes is a free, farmer-led events and mentoring programme open to everyone farming in the selected National Landscapes, funded by the Farming in Protected Landscapes Fund (FiPL). We currently run these programmes in Cornwall, the Cotswolds, Chilterns and North Wessex Downs, Dorset, Marches, North, South East and South Downs. This photograph was taken as part of the Pasture and Profit in Protected Landscapes programme for farmers in the Cotswolds, Chilterns and North Wessex Downs AONBs.

(Photo: By member Ian Boyd at FAI Farms Oxfordshire)

Supply chain events

Pasture for Life hosts several events across the year focusing on the supply chain, bringing together all parts of the chain, from chefs to the butchers, restaurants and retailers, into one room to network and source solutions to many issues arising in the supply chain. Our most recent supply chain event was at FarmED in the Cotswolds, where we brought together a handful of our farmers, our Pasture for Life team and members from the retailer and restaurant world to discuss the benefits of pasture-fed and ways in which we could all work together.

(Photo: FarmED event by Content Creator, Angus Birditt)

Study tour events

Our Study Tours are always eagerly anticipated. Normally held over the course of 2 days, these Study Tours are a fantastic way to learn about regenerative, pasture-fed agriculture, experience a range of fantastic farms, each with different things to see, and have the opportunity to enjoy some social time together, networking with like-minded folk. Whether you are starting off along the path to regenerative, pasture-fed farming, eager to reduce inputs or build soil health, or whether you're well on your way, you'll always learn something from these tours. Many also look forward to socialising at these tours where we co-host BBQs, drinks, fire and music.

(Photo: Scotland study tour by Scotland Facilitator, Clem Sandison)

Collaborative food events

Pasture for Life co-hosts a number of exciting and delicious food events like tasting events and supper clubs in collaboration with esteemed chefs, retailers and restaurants celebrating all things pasture-fed. What is unique to us as a food and farming organisation to support, is that you are able to enjoy the fruits of Pasture for Life. That is to say, you are able to taste and savour the delicious, nutritious pasture-fed meat and dairy that our farmers are producing across the UK and who themselves are working to support positive impacts for biodiversity and carbon, human health and wellbeing, and animal health and welfare. And that's exactly why we host these collaborative food events, we are celebrating the incredible work our farmers are doing to produce food in harmony with nature, whilst reconnecting our food to the place and our natural ecosystems in which it was produced.

There will be more Pasture for Life collaborative food events in 2024 - keep an eye out on our socials for more information.

(Photo: Glebe House supper club by Content Creator Angus Birditt)

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