Our mission

Our Mission

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association promotes the unique quality of produce raised exclusively on pasture, and the wider environmental and animal welfare benefits that pastured livestock systems represent.



The PFLA Directors have developed two new Visions – one for the organisation (farmer-focussed) and one for the Pasture for Life brand (consumer-focussed).

PFLA Vision

  • A thriving organisation championing the virtue of pasture-fed ruminants and their meat and dairy products
  • The home of grass-fed – for anyone with an interest in grazing, grassland or soil health, not just 100% pasture-fed/Pasture for Life
  • An organisation at the cutting edge of new grazing management techniques
  • A platform for regenerative farmers to learn and succeed
  • Provider of support for farmers transitioning to more sustainable production methods
  • The place to go to for the latest research about pasture-fed livestock
  • Promoting the delivery of public goods – such as food security, protection of landscape and heritage, efficient energy and water use, high animal welfare and farm business resilience
  • A highly networked organisation promoting the interests of its members and ensuring a secure and robust future for them
  • 1000+ members

PFLA Values

  • A positive movement
  • Pioneering
  • A caring and supportive community
  • Collaborative
  • Sustainable and ethical

Pasture for Life Vision


  • The leading and only certification mark for 100% grass-fed/pasture-fed, grain-free ruminant meat and dairy in the UK
  • A trusted brand recognised alongside other major UK assurance schemes
  • Quality product renowned for its highly nutritious properties and benefits to the environment and animal welfare


  • On the shelves of major retailers
  • Required as part of public procurement contracts
  • Available in some small-scale outlets, including farm-gate sales
  • Available in some high-end restaurants
  • Available in some overseas markets


  • An independently audited transparent certification process
  • Strong demand from the consumer
  • Established market-place where industry organisations coordinate supply and demand

Pasture for Life Values

  • Good for you, good for the planet, good for animals
  • Sustainable and ethical
  • Quality
  • Premium
  • Commercial proposition for farmers and the trade

Common Goals

  • Delivery of Pasture for Life to the consumer – through the certification service, farmer support, supply chain and market-place development
  • Consumer recognition for Pasture for Life
  • Financial stability to ensure longevity, delivery of goals and maintenance of human resources
  • Build the evidence to manage the argument and underpin the messaging for Pasture for Life