Regional Groups

Regional groups January 2022 Regional groups January 2022

Facilitators and Contact Details

Our regional groups are spreading right across the UK with more to come and Ireland now has its own group. If you'd like to join your local group or you're interested to find out more, email the facilitator directly or contact us

Sinéad Moran - Ireland

Sinéad and her partner Mick returned to farming in 2016 and now operate a micro dairy, managing a small herd of shorthorn cows on 27 acres of High Nature Value Farmland in the West of Ireland. They are passionate about conserving the species-rich pasture, mature trees and biodiversity that is found on their farm. Sinead has a Masters in Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. She has professional experience in the environmental and development NGO sector. However, she believes it's through farming that she can be at the forefront of real systems change.

Julie Cleijne - Chilterns

Julie Cleijne is passionate about sustainable agriculture, and works from the field growing on a no-dig regenerative farm, as well as working as a Nutrition trained chef, and founder of Sustainable Kitchen Consultants, a team of chefs who specialise in supporting food sector businesses in creating more sustainably sourced food, using sustainably sourced meat & dairy, plant-based and free-from ingredients.

Julie is also a Soil Health Consultant, currently working with farms in Sussex to help them improve their soil health naturally.  She regularly speaks at events on the topics of soil health, nutrient density, the link with gut health, and also sustainable diets.  Julie is also a Great Taste Awards Judge, and British Leeks Ambassador.  She is a hugely passionate supporter of using British seasonal foods to promote healthy people and a healthy planet.

Helen Reeve - East Anglia

Helen farms with her parents on the Norfolk and Suffolk border. The Waveney herd was created back in 1996 following the purchase of one heifer and now totals over 60 head of cattle. Beef is sold locally through farmers markets, direct sales and via talks to groups and clubs locally.
Helen also works as a lecturer and assessor for agricultural apprentices at Easton College. Alongside her lifelong love of cows, Helen is also involved with her local Young Farmers Club, Suffolk Holstein Club and various other farming groups and clubs.

Nigel Franklin - Southeast

Nigel has been farming at Brightleigh Farm in Outwood Surrey with his wife Penny for the last 3 years. They have a herd of Black Baldies, along with some pigs & chickens, which they sell direct through their farm shop. Previously, Nigel worked in the Event & Exhibition Branding industry and spent 4 years working for Race horse trainer Guy Harwood.

Matt Elliott - Cotswolds

Matt and his wife Laura mob graze certified Pasture for Life beef cattle on 110 acres of National Trust land at Sandy Hill Farm, Gloucestershire. He has been a member of the PFLA since 2016 and is looking forward to helping introduce new members to the PFLA to access this knowledge base and to enable more farmers to transition towards a sustainable future.

Lulu Cox - London

Lulu's time is split between restaurant kitchens and her plot of land where she grows vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. She is passionate about raising awareness within the hospitality industry about the importance of supporting ecological farming.

Nikki and Clem - Scotland

Nikki Yoxall Nikki is a farmer and educator based in the Scottish Highlands. In addition to her work as Regional Facilitator, Nikki is also the PFLA Research Coordinator, connecting academics and farmers in pursuit of practical, agroecological solutions to current challenges in the sector.

Clem Sandison: Clem is a facilitator, food activist, filmmaker and community organiser based in Glasgow. She’s been facilitating the Mob Grazing Scotland group for the Soil Association for the last 3 years, alongside running farmer-led research projects and agroforestry events.

Rob Purdew - Southwest

Rob has worked on farms across the UK from Lands End to Dundee, with a spell in Saskatchewan in between. He is a passionate advocate for regenerative agricultuel/agroecological practices and how they impact farm businesses and human nutrition. When not facilitating for the PFLA Southwest group he works for Devon Wildlife Trust as a farm advisor.

Emma Douglas - Wales -

Emma has been facilitating grazing across South Wales for PONT Cymru since 2012 and is currently involved with managing meadows on the Gower through supporting the Gower Meadows Group. She undertakes conservation grazing with her own Dexter cattle and ponies and runs a successful small business ‘Gower Meadow Beef’.

Ruth Dalton - Cumbria

Ruth is a farm advisor and consultant specialising in native breeds and nature friendly land management. She works for several different organisations on a self-employed basis.   Ruth is based near Kendal where she and her partner breed pedigree native cattle and sheep, grazing to achieve nature conservation objectives for a number of local landowners as well as on the home farm.

Olivia Achurch-Knight - East Midlands

Olivia lives and farms in Rutland, in the Gwash Valley. After completing a degree in Geography she went on to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Agriculture from the RAU. Having worked on a variety of arable and livestock farms, she now has her own small herd of Hereford X beef cattle. She is particularly interested in the beneficial role of livestock within arable systems.

Pen Rashbass - Peak District

Pen is a Hebridean sheep breeder, conservation grazier and grazing advisor based in Derbyshire. She is a member of the PFLA research group and also sits on two Defra Scientific Advisory Committees – the Animal Welfare Committee and the Farm Animal Genetic Resources Committee.

Dan Powell - Northern Marches

Dan returned to his family’s farm near Shrewsbury in Shropshire 17 years ago after a few years working in the music industry in London. Since then he has been trying to work out how to manage the farm as an ecosystem rather than relying on so many chemical inputs. To that end the farm will soon be fully organic and a herd of PFLA certified Red Poll cattle are a vital part of that ecosystem. Together with his wife Jenny, he has recently started marketing the beef under the Pure Pasture Beef brand.