Grass-fed meat and milk you can trust

Meat You Can Trust Lamb

Meat and dairy products carrying the Pasture for Life logo is guaranteed to come from animals that have only ever eaten pasture and have been looked after extremely well. More often than not, they will have spent their whole life on the farm where they were born.

Buying certified Pasture for Life meat and dairy products ensures it is 100% grass-fed. Our farmers have been independently verified to prove their animals are kept according to Pasture for Life standards.

Trace your meat

Shoppers or diners can instantly trace any meat they buy with the Pasture for Life logo on it, right back to the farm it came from – simply by scanning a QR code with their smartphone, or entering a TRACKS number here.

You can’t get much clearer than that.

Some grass or all grass?

More and more meat and dairy products are being promoted as grass-fed. However, until now, the term has not been clearly defined and can be applied to virtually any farming system where grass forms just part of the animal’s diet.

The Pasture-fed Livestock Association is pushing hard to establish a legal definition of grass-fed to mean 100% grass-fed for the entirety of the animal’s life. Read our paper here.

Our rules for producing and selling Pasture for Life meat and milk demand the animals only ever eat a natural diet of fresh or conserved pasture their entire lives.

If your meat and dairy products carry the Pasture for Life logo, it comes from an animal that only ever ate grass and forage crops - guaranteed.

Pasture for Life meat and dairy is:

  • Guaranteed 100% grass-fed
  • Independently checked to ensure the animals are never fed grain
  • Fully traceable – from farm to fork