Great taste

Buy your Pasture for Life meat and dairy products from farmers, butchers and farm shops, whose products come from animals reared naturally on pasture, not grain. You won’t regret it!

Meat and dairy from animals fed exclusively on pasture their entire lives consistently receive very positive feedback from consumers, for exceptional taste, flavour, texture and tenderness.

The taste of Pasture for Life produce reflects the qualities of the plants the animals have eaten and the health of the soil beneath their feet.

Each product has its own unique ‘terroir’, just like wine or cheese, which truly echoes the environment in which they have lived, be it the Yorkshire Dales, the South Wales coast or from a Scottish Island.

Experience the taste

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Pasture for Life meat and dairy:

  • Has great taste, flavour, texture and tenderness
  • Is healthy to eat
  • Has its own ‘terroir’