Free Farming Resilience Advice

Our advice aims to help farmers and land managers prepare for the Agriculture Transition. We will encourage and support the integration of resilience into all aspects of farming systems; looking at agroecological land-management, shortening supply chains, and resilient financial practices.

What's on offer ranges from a series of 20 detailed webinars involving many PFLA members, supporting films and toolkits. Those who are interested can then register their interest to go through to receive farmer-to-farmer mentoring or advice from a professional consultant.

Only those currently in receipt of BPS payments will be eligible (see below for more details).

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Am I eligible?

The advice will be FREE for farmers in ENGLAND in the following sectors:

– Medium to large scale horticulture (above 5 hectares)

– SME dairy production

– SME red meat production

– Mixed farming systems

The horticulture focused advice will be more appropriate for farms above 5 hectares, but if you are a horticulture farm below 5 hectare do register your interest and we will seek to support you if possible.

Please note: all eligible farmers will need an SBI number and not be in receipt of advice from another FFRF provider

How do I register?

The free advice runs from September 2021 until March 2022. Fill in this form if you would like to be added to our list of farmers who would like to access advice.

We will be in touch in October when the project starts, to invite you to fill in a farm assessment so we can connect you with appropriate resources.

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