The best animal welfare

Pasture-fed livestock are given the freedom to express their normal behaviours and often live in family groups. They feed on a natural diet of pasture and forage such as hay in winter. They are less likely to suffer from disease and require little veterinary attention or antibiotics.

The Certification Standards, which our farmers have to follow in order to use the Pasture for Life mark in their marketing, have been developed to provide animal welfare equal to the leading assurance schemes within the UK.

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) is involved in two major research projects that seek to address the address the range of interrelated factors involved in Pasture for Life systems and how they affect the environment and animal welfare. The interim findings can be found here.


Pasture-fed livestock:

  • Are free to express their normal behaviours
  • Feed on a natural diet of pasture and forage
  • Are healthier with reduced incidence of diseases and use of antibiotics