Celebrating Our Pastoral Biodiversity


Diverse Pasture Diverse Pasture Photo copyright Ian Boyd

Watch an introduction to our Biodiversity Hub, with PFLA founder member and inspiration John Meadley

With its roots in the Greek word BIOS (meaning LIFE) and the Latin word DIVERS (meaning DIFFERENT), the word BIODIVERSITY reflects and celebrates the multitudes of species – both visible and invisible – that make up life on earth.

World Environment Day - on 5 June - is the launch date for the UN’s Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Running from 2021 to 20230 it reflects a timeline that scientists have identified as the last chance to prevent catastrophic climate change. #GenerationRestoration

UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration


The PFLA would like to contribute to the Ecosystem Decade initiative by launching its own biodiversity project, a showcase of biodiversity successes, methods and data from farmers embracing a 100% pasture-fed livestock farm system. The concept of ‘Pasture Champions’ is the thread running through all the materials. Pastured on purpose? Yes!

We'll share our journey so far with those who share the vision - our first formal step towards a biodiversity action plan, inspirational and evidence based.

Two thirds of both UK and global farmland is pasture and we are the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. Pasture and the ruminants who graze upon it, is the first step towards revitalising the biodiversity in and on much of our land and landscapes.

Biodiversity is a global concern Biodiversity is a global concern

‘If you wish to go fast, go alone.

If you wish to go far, go together.’

What this African proverb reflects about humanity is equally true about nature – there is strength in diversity.

Whilst we want the same outcome as others, our stance is focused on pasture, ruminants and soil. This is our USP and our differentiator from other organisations who are also talking about biodiversity. Soil is the skin of the earth. Two thirds of its farmland is protected by pasture, our largest single solar panel. In the soil beneath it, is the largest, single terrestrial store of carbon. It supports and is supported by biodiversity.

In amongst our biodiversity hub right here, you'll find real, inspirational, case studies from certified members; simple can-do steps; tools and identification methods and links to helpful partners. We will develop the hub over time and the project will be evolving and expansive.

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