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Our webinars are frequent and diverse, from subjects such as the restoration of species-rich meadows to agroforesty and grazing strategies. We often partner with other organisations who share our passion and commitment to 100% pasture-fed farming, regenerative agriculture and the role of livestock within it.

From resilience tool kits, to one-to-one support and mentoring to farmer-to-farmer webinars, we aim to help farmers and land managers prepare for the Agriculture Transition.

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We have Regional Groups in most areas, and as well as meetings face to face and online, we're starting farm walks again.

Monthly Member Meet-Up

Join our monthly Zoom session for any members wanting to meet up and chew the cud. Bring your own questions and see what the combined knowledge in the room can do for you. Previous topics have been anything from farming to butchery, as well as dairy. Hosted by team members Nikki Yoxall + Charlotte Wheeler. Register here

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Setting up or expanding a pastured poultry and pigs enterprise

See here for info.

Tall Grass Grazing

Interested in stockpiling grass for winter? Tall Grass Grazing' webinar with Rib Harvard, farmer and ecologist from Worcestershire. It'll give you confidence to manage your grazing platform with a taller sward.

Bale Grazing

All you ever needed to know with the wonderfully knowledgable Fidelity Weston.

Cows Eat Grass Don't They?

An opportunity to hear from two excellent speakers, to consider and potentially challenge our preconceptions about what is 'natural' for livestock, the roles of 'inside' and 'outside' on farms and how that effects us as farmers and the views of consumers. Watch it here.

Catch up on our recent lecture hosted by Slow Food in the UK. Watch it here!

Tall Grass Grazing For Horses

SEEGSLIP and Pasture For Life Certification: a sustainable UK-wide system?

Bokashi Through 4 UK Case Studies in partnership with Agriton
 The first bokashi webinar is available to watch here.

On Farm Composting and Farmyard Manure

Efficiency of Production in Forage Based Dairy Systems

Bokashi - what is it, how can it benefit your farm? It's amazing and enriches any farm

Pasture Fed Beef and Dairy - Food Quality and Consumer Perceptions

Pasture cropping in the UK: is it possible?

PFLA and Plant Life talk about the role of nitrogen in species-rich meadows

Grazing strategies Q&A from winter planning to Spring drought

Dung beetles deepdive with Sally-Ann Spence

Pastured pigs with certified farmer Simon Cutter

And for more, our whole channel is right here on YouTube. 

If there's a topic you'd like us to consider for a webinar or you'd like to present at one of our webinars, get in touch with the team right here or find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @PastureforLife