Liz Genever


Liz Genever - Director

The PFLA members are providing the leadership that is needed to help policy makers, consumers and other farmers appreciate that we are part of the solution, and I want to be part of that.

Through my work in the grass and forage sectors in the last fifteen years I have developed a wide-ranging network of people, which I can introduce to the PFLA. I also hope to learn from the members and understand how they are going to deal with the next challenges – reduction in subsidies, changes to market opportunities and different requirements due to new government policy. It is very clear that members of PFLA are innovators in terms of utilisation of pasture and developing new markets for their products, and it would be great if I could help to facilitate conversations between members and non-members to share the knowledge and grow the membership

I have experience through being a trustee of British Grassland Society, committee member of Sheep Veterinary Society, founder of Carbon Calling and chair of a local community group of what is needed from a director. It is more than just turning it up, it is being enthusiastic and, when necessary, being willing to challenge what is happening to ensure the decisions are well thought through and will benefit the membership.

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