Roger Kerr


Roger Kerr - Director

I come from a farming background and have worked on various farms over the years. I helped establish Calon Wen, the Welsh organic dairy farmers co-operative in 2000 and became their MD. Calon Wen were the first ever to secure a branded organic milk listing in a U.K. major retailer along with developing branded butter and cheese lines. I also ran Calon Wen’s sister company Calon Wen Dairy Products, their chilled delivery business. I am Chief Executive of Organic Farmers & Growers CIC. OF&G are a community interest company certifying around a 30% of the UK organic sector and over 50% of the UK organic land area. OF&G also currently provide certification for the PfL scheme.

While I am committed to the development of organic food and farming, I also recognise that organic does not suit everyone and it is important that we recognise this and seek to develop other broader codified and verifiable agroecological approaches. PFLA is the first, organisation to develop a recognised, UK centric agroecological livestock-based accreditation and with the increasing need to secure recognition within the supply chain and with consumers of the necessity, and importantly the value, of pasture based meat PFLA have a critical role in fulfilling this market and delivering this message.

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