Ruth Pullan, Severn & Wye

Originally from Yorkshire, over the past few years Ruth has volunteered and worked on farms and smallholdings all over the UK. She has a particular interest in how resilient, local food systems can be created and maintained as well as extending this idea to the clothes we wear and things we buy and the vibrant and healthy culture which inevitably grows up around this. From 2017 to 2019 she ran a small festival in the Yorkshire Dales which sought to promote the beautiful but endangered socio-ecological systems surrounding upland hay meadows. When not working for Pasture for Life she is a craftswoman, specialising in hand stitched leatherwork and woolcrafts as well as teaching adults all over the UK.

“Coming from a non farming background and with a real love of food and where it comes from, I love connecting to the people who are thinking and working so carefully and sensitively with their environment to produce nutritious food without compromising on diversity and ecological richness. In my role as facilitator I really enjoy bringing everyone together so they can have the chance to share knowledge, successes and failures in an open and positive environment and most importantly have fun!”