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Monitoring biodiversity on your farm. 

If you're interested in encouraging biodiversity on your farm, this is likely to require monitoring progress and change and our resources will help you get started. A one-off base-line survey of your farm, no matter how simple may in time feed into a PFLA biodiversity data repository.

Monitoring the biodiversity of the habitats on your farms will vary significantly with your knowledge, experience and the time you have available.

In some instances, you might need specialist help through your local wildlife trust, FWAG, the Woodland Trust or specialist groups focused on different birds, mammals, butterflies and moths etc.

And we have a team of specialists already looking into the development of a series of monitoring tools that could be offered to farmers who are interested.

Drilling down.  Motives for monitoring biodiversity vary from the benefits of understanding the ‘Ecosystem Function’ of your pastures - of which biodiversity is an indicator (e.g. water and nutrient cycling, productivity etc.) through to an interest in biodiversity for its own sake, and to the development of data collected to academic standards that can be used to justify and support the benefits of the wholly pastoral approach.

Get Started: Resources to Help

MONITORING SOIL HEALTH UNDER PASTURE(1) - Full of useful resources and links

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