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Pasture-fed Sheep Case Studies

(Photo: by Olly Walker, Essebeare Farm, Devon)

Pasture for Life have been leading the research into pasture-fed sheep farming, showcasing how it can be done. This observational research looks at how a number of sheep farmers in different regions of the UK with different systems, soil types and flock sizes are able to feed 100% pasture. These Sheep Case Studies focus on a number of topics, from land management (grazing and infrastructure) and animal welfare (ewe nutrition and condition), to biodiversity and financial benefits. Explore the four Sheep Case Studies here.

Biodiversity Case Studies

(Photo: PfL certified Carr Farm, Norfolk)

Explore these case studies that focus on various ways in which farmers are increasing biodiversity on their farm – showcasing successes, methods and data from farmers embracing the 100% pasture-fed livestock farm system. They include information on farm location, size, altitude, climate, soils, enterprises, approach, descriptions of above and below ground biodiversity on the farm, practices carried out to encourage biodiversity, lessons learned, benefits to the farm and wider environment, and ways of monitoring the biodiversity.

“While we want the same outcome as others, our stance is focused on pasture, ruminants and soil. This is our USP and our differentiator from other organisations who are also talking about biodiversity. Soil is the skin of the earth. Two thirds of its farmland is protected by pasture, our largest single solar panel. In the soil beneath it, is the largest, single terrestrial store of carbon. It supports and is supported by biodiversity.”