Rebecca Mayhew, East Anglia

Rebecca farms with her husband Stuart and two children, Isobel and Jack in South Norfolk, where they’ve transitioned from conventional arable and pig enterprises to a regenerative, pasture-fed 60 head Jersey cows for dairy, keeping calves and cows together, a suckler herd, sheep, pigs, goats and laying hens. They also have a farm shop, cafe, butchery and vineyard.

“I decided to join PFL when we started our transition to agroecological farming - the forum brings us all together as a community and the open sharing of knowledge and experience has been amazingly helpful. Not only have I learned how to make significant changes on the farm, but I’ve also made friends for life. The PFL association offers a meaningful brand - something that I can really believe in and get behind - its stands for so much more than just pasture farming - together we are working to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis, and with the correct management of grazing animals, I truly believe that we can restore the planet, increase biodiversity, and grow soil, whilst providing truly nutrient dense food.”

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