Matt Elliott, Cotswolds

Matt and his wife Laura mob graze certified Pasture for Life beef cattle on 110 acres of National Trust land at Sandy Hill Farm, Gloucestershire. He has been a member of the PFLA since 2016 and is looking forward to helping introduce new members to the PFLA to access this knowledge base and to enable more farmers to transition towards a sustainable future.

Why did you join Pasture for Life?/What about the Pasture fed movement are you enthusiastic about?

I joined Pasture For Life when I started out in agriculture, the ethos of the organisation fits entirely with what I am trying to achieve through my farming. Healthy animals, diverse pastures, healthy soil, nutritious food and healthy people - these are all things that the Pasture For Life movement stands for and I am passionate about.

What is something you would like to communicate to our audience?

If you are looking to take your first steps towards a more agroecological approach to farming then you would do well to get involved with Pasture For Life. There is a wealth of knowledge within the membership, a willingness to share and a positive and encouraging attitude throughout.