Clem Sandison, Scotland Facilitator

Clem is an experienced facilitator, community organiser and aspiring urban farmer based in Glasgow. She's worked in Scotland for the last 20 years co-designing projects, training and participatory events that advocate for socially just and regenerative food systems. She works part-time for Pasture for Life and The Landworkers' Alliance supporting peer-to-peer learning and building the agroecology movement in Scotland. She loves to geek out about soil biology, holistic grazing, foraging and fermentation, and you may have seen her at one of our Scotland events cooking for lots of people over a fire! 

"I see Pasture for Life as a powerful movement that can bring together farmers, butchers, chefs, researchers, national parks, food hubs and citizens to create a better food and farming system in the UK. I feel passionate about Pasture for Life because it so clearly advocates for agroecological farming methods and high animal welfare to produce nutrient-dense food and sustainable livelihoods from the land. I love the peer-to-peer learning approach that we take at Pasture for Life, with facilitators all over the UK bringing farmers together to share knowledge and feel inspired to try new things."

"I'm particularly proud of our Mob Grazing for Diversity project in the Cairngorms, where a group of farmers (who we matched to mentors) implemented regenerative grazing practices to enhance plant species diversity and also reduced their inputs in the process. This successful partnership project between the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Pasture for Life, Plantlife and RSPB shows that we can tackle the biodiversity crisis with the aid of grazing animals and the expertise of farmers. I'm excited that the project will be continuing with a new group of farmers this year!"

Insta: @la_jardinera