Hannah Thorogood, East Midlands

Hannah has worked on a variety of livestock farms throughout her life and studied MSc Organic Farming at SAC. Over the last 12 years she has been developing her home farm The Inkpot. From an 18 acre depleted compacted arable field to an abundant thriving organic permaculture demonstration farm, using regenerative farming techniques such as mob grazing. With rented land the farm is now 100 acres, supplying award winning produce direct to customers and some meat box schemes. Hannah farms with her twin 15 year-old daughters, who are equal decision makers on the farm.

Why did you join Pasture for Life?/What about the Pasture fed movement are you enthusiastic about?

I joined Pasture for Life right back at the beginning as I loved the energy and dynamism of the organisation, and many years later, that feeling still is core to what is now a movement. I find the wealth of experience on the forum one of the best resources for our farm development. It's not just the knowledge, but the culture of sharing, friendship and respect I find inspiring. I am passionate that pasture fed animals, mindfully grazed, can reverse climate change, yet there is so much misunderstanding out there in the public about how all livestock farming is damaging. By working together, sharing our experiences, helping research to happen and be promoted, getting people onto farms and understanding the difference, we can show what we already know, that 100% pasture fed animals are healthier and produce healthier food, while reducing costs and saving the planet! What's not to love?

Insta & twitter = @inkpotfarm, fb = inkpotpermaculture