Wackley Farm

Wackley Farm

We are a family farm who aim to produce sustainable, nutritious and healthy meat from animals that have been born, reared and finished in an environment that is as natural and stress-free as possible. Our animals' water supply is drawn from an aquifer under our land, and the fields they graze receive no chemical fertilizers. Instead, we sow a variety of herbs, clovers and native grass species that thrive without any artificial inputs, and provide our animals with a broad range of vitamins and minerals to maintain their health.  Every field is bordered by hedgerows or woodland, or dotted with trees, to provide shelter and shade. The trees and hedgerows also offer a broad variety of edible plants, which the animals are free to browse at their leisure, to further supplement their diet.

Our cattle are a mix of breeds, all selected for their ability to thrive off a natural, low input diet. All our calves are sired by a Wagyu bull, a breed that is unmatched in its ability to produce highly marbled beef. The sheep flock are currently all bred to Easy Care rams, a modern breed developed to produce sheep that can look after themselves; without many of the stressful interferences, such as shearing, that are necessary for other breeds.

All our lambs are reared for at least one year, and cattle for two, to ensure they have experienced the passing of all four seasons in our Shropshire pastures. We believe this gives the meat time to develop a depth of flavour and tenderness that reflects a life well lived and cared for, something that is important to us as livestock farmers, and custodians of the land for the next generation.


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Address: Pickhill Cottage, Pickhill Lane, Burlton, SHREWSBURY, Shropshire, SY4 5TA England

Mobile: 07498 836 408

Email: wackleyfarm@gmail.com