Pasture and Profit programme for the English Marches

Pasture and Profit in Protected Landscapes is funded by the Farming in Protected Landscapes Fund (FiPL) offering free, innovative mentoring and events programme across in the Malvern Hills, Shropshire Hills and Wye Valley National Landscapes for farmers interested in nature-friendly or regenerative farming practices.

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Farmers in these three areas can sign up here and find further information via the Marches project email or you can call Project Manager Ruth Pullan on 07951 399 176

Event at Lower Wood Farm


See here for a collection of events for the Marches programme on Eventbrite.

About the programme

Pasture for Life is looking to support farmers within these three areas who may be considering introducing animals into their system or changing how they manage their ruminant animal enterprises, from increasing pasture productivity to dealing with rising input costs, with a focus on a greater reliance on natural processes.

The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme is a farmer-led outreach programme to support farmers who would like to reduce inputs and are interested in moving towards rotational grazing. This programme is for anyone who would like to learn more, whatever their current farming system.

For farmers in these regions, there are a number of ways to get involved and participate in the programme:

1. Joining the overall programme for a comprehensive series of on-farm events and webinars across all regions, covering a wide range of topics. These topics will be decided based on feedback from participants. Farmers will also benefit from a range of supporting documents to support change back on farm.

2. A unique opportunity for a cohort of farmers within the programme to be allocated a trained, experienced farmer mentor, who will visit your farm and provide ongoing follow up support as you explore/implement new ways of managing your livestock enterprise(s).

If you are not already a PfL member, when joining the programme you will receive a free Pasture for Life membership (worth £120/year) for the duration of the programme and access to all the other opportunities to learn from farmers across the UK transitioning to lower input livestock practices, including a vibrant online forum.

It's important to highlight that farms don’t have to want to receive mentoring to be involved in the project. We encourage all farmers in these areas to sign up for the programme to participate in events and the wider range of learning opportunities on offer.

By joining there is no expectation that you transition to 100% pasture-fed and/or certify with Pasture for Life. Pasture for Life wants to support you at whatever stage in your farming journey you are at irrespective of your long-term plans.

How to join the programme

For further information and to take part, the Marches project email is or you can call Project Manager Ruth Pullan on 07951 399 176