Rhian and I farm here at Glancynin an Organic farm on the lower reaches of the Cynin river at St Clears, near where the Cynin meets the tidal part of the river Taf at the quay both then run down to the sea past Dylan Thomas's boathouse and shed at Laugharne where he wrote Under Milkwood.

Our Meuse Rhine Issel cows graze tree lined herbal rich river meadow's producing sweet creamy milk rich in minerals, (Milk made by cows eating  grass not by man in a factory), young heifers graze conservation fields, where three wildlife ponds were created, all  surrounded by mature tree lined hedgerows and some younger stock are in the Orchard.

We have farmed Organic for over 25 years. At this time the ponds were dug small wood planted riverside corridors formed, and the orchard planted, and the hedgerow restoration started they are layed and fenced and left to grow, and harvested after some 15 to 18  years for firewood and wood chip.

We wanted to create a farm that was animal and human friendly, not realising we were ahead of the time, now carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, environment are the Buzz words.

We love every animal and their health and wellbeing is utmost in our thinking, they have diverse diet of grasses, herbs, tree and hedgerow fodder, we try to build their immunity so we do not need to use drugs to protect them, and antibiotic is only used in extreme emergency cases Being a lowland farm it can be difficult to maintain grazing  in bad weather condition and we have to be very careful not to poach the land, The herd is housed in winter on deep litter straw/wood chip bedding, and fed conserved grass in the form of silage and hay.

Contact Details

Address: Glancynin Farm, St Clears, Carmarthenshire, Carmarthenshire, SA33 4JR Wales

Telephone: 01994232999

Mobile: 07896 655 695

Email: elfyndavies@aol.com