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We work with land owners to manage a range of sites such as pasture, woodland and hill ground to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes. We aim to leave sites better than we found them, with healthier soils, plants, water courses and improved wildlife habitats.

We herd our cattle using mobile electric fencing, and this controlled movement across a landscape enables us to meet the needs of livestock, land and wildlife. This movement allows the cattle fresh pasture, reduces over grazing and ensures adequate plant recovery to optimise photosynthesis. This promotes healthy root structure and soil biology and builds soil organic matter which in turn increases nutrient cycling, soil water holding capacity and water infiltration.

Our cattle select a balanced diet for themselves, feed soil biology through trampling grass residues, dunging and urinating. All of this comes very naturally to them, and with careful management they can play a key role in creating healthy ecosystems.By creating periods of rest through detailed grazing planning, plants are given the time to fully express themselves, increasing diversity from the ground up, supporting ecological functioning at every level.

We sell 100% pasture and tree fed beef 3-4 times a year to customers in Scotland.

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