Rose Dale's Organic Farm

We run our small family farm organically and all our animals are purely grass-fed. We are proud to be certified by both the Soil Association and Pasture for Life, ensuring a holistic and ethical treatment of livestock and the farm environment, whilst producing delicious, healthy, nutrient-rich meat.

Our farm is high welfare and is also managed so it is truly wildlife-friendly. Intensive farming has greatly depleted our nature.  Instead, long-term pasture restores the soil health, and our grazing livestock breathe life back into the ecosystem, enhancing biodiversity and capturing carbon.

I have a small herd of pedigree English Longhorns. The calves remain with their mothers for a long time before we wean them and then remain outdoors, grazing our meadows for 2-3 years until they are ready for meat. This is slow, low-input, non-intensive meat production, using what naturally grows on our land to feed our livestock.

I also have 3 small flocks of traditional breeds of sheep which flourish on a grass-fed system and are not fed concentrates or grain at any stage. These are Oxford Downs, Greyface Dartmoors and Gotlands. I am also starting to produce sheepskins and wool alongside their organic, rare breed meat.

I am selling my regeneratively-farmed, ethical meat directly and have beef,  lamb, hogget and mutton, all subject to availability as I do not buy any livestock in. Apart from breeding stock, our animals are all born and raised on the farm. Please contact me for details.

Contact Details

Address: Rose Dale's Organic Farm, Manor Farm, Chearsley, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP180DH England

Telephone: 07535611919

Mobile: 07535 611 919


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