Flock and Herd ltd

Flock and Herd ltd

Started in 2009 Flock & Herd is a family owned business, we pride ourselves on finding the best farms and suppliers to bring customers and restaurants the very best meat from British farms. We are a National Craft Butchery.

We are a London Living Wage employer and have always endeavoured to recruit from the local area and promote from within. Several of our staff who have been with the company for eight or nine years started by sweeping the floors on a Saturday before doing their apprenticeship and becoming the top notch butchers they are today

We’re really proud of our produce especially our award winning sausages and bacon.

We are committed to trying to move forward in a sustainable way and to maintain some good business practices.

We’re aware that its difficult to get everything right and that there’s always more to learn and ways to improve but we have made steps in the last few years to become more sustainable as a business and to make sure we hold ourselves to high business practice standards.

Some of this includes signing up to the Prompt Payment Code  payment so that we make sure that all of our suppliers are paid promptly and can run their businesses in a way where they know when money will arrive.

Alongside this we brought in an environmental auditing team last year to look through the business and help us to transition in to a net zero company within the next ten years. We are a certified Green Small Business.

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Address: Flock and Herd ltd, 155 Bellenden Road, London, Greater London, SE15 4DH England

Telephone: 0207 635 7733

Email: charlie@flockandherd.com

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