Andy Rumming's Beef

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Andy Rumming's Beef

Great tasting healthy beef from our family farm on the Thames

We supply delicious selection boxes of beef - Cooks boxes, Family boxes, Just for two boxes and more.  We also supply beef charcuterie treats like Bresola.  Whether you are a seasoned cook or not we can provide the beef (and advice and recipes) so you can successfully create great, impressive, tasty, ethical meals.

High animal welfare and benefiting the environment are key parts of how we farm.  This results in calm stress free animals and a farm buzzing with wildlife, including some rare species like Snakes Head Fritillaries and Curlews.

All our meat is aged on the bone for at least 3 weeks and carefully butchered before being vacuum packed and sold fresh chilled.  Our beef is available direct from the farm on a regular basis, visit the website and join the mailing list for full details.

Each winter up to 1/3 of our farm floods.  This means we often get large flocks of migrating ducks, geese and waders using the flood plain for feeding and roosting.   In summer these flood plain meadows provide hay and grazing for the cattle and contain some of our most interesting and rare plants.  Buying our beef keeps this farming system working providing high quality food and vital space for wildlife.

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Address: Andy Rumming's Beef, Chancel View, Waterhay, Leigh, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN6 6QY England

Telephone: 01285 869557

Mobile: 07786 861573


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