Pasture for Life farmer wins first CIWF Sustainable Food and Farming Award

Simon Cutter who runs Model Farm and farm shop on the outskirts of Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, has won the Compassion in World Farming’s Sustainable Food and Farming Award for producers, as part of their Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards 2019.

Image by Dr Angela Wright, PFLA

This year there was a total of 50 awards celebrating market-leading food businesses for their higher welfare policies and practices. New this year, was The Sustainable Food and Farming Award, which recognises businesses that are taking steps to produce meat, dairy or eggs in ways that protect, improve and restore wildlife and the environment.

Mr. Cutter is a founding member of the Pasture-fed Livestock Association, which champions the production of meat and dairy from 100% grass and pasture, with no grains at all. His low-input, low-cost organic system produces Hereford beef and lamb from Easycare ewes, which are certified ‘Pasture for Life’.

“We are delighted to receive this award,” says Mr. Cutter.  “I have to say that a large part of it is down to the cows and the sheep. What they do in the fields, as they graze encourages the wealth of wildflowers and wildlife that also live there.  Fed on a natural diet of grass and pasture and living in family groups – they are less stressed, live good long lives and are more fertile. It is how they are meant to be.

“At the end of the day – what is driving this system is the increasing demand for 100% grass-fed meat from consumers looking for the healthiest food they can buy.

“Our meat has lower total fat and saturated fat content and more, good fatty acids like omega 3’s, more vitamins and minerals and also tastes delicious. This is what keeps people coming back to buy more, which makes the whole system sustainable.”

Image Dr Angela Wright, PFLA

Compassion in World Farming’s chief executive Philip Lymbery presented Simon with his award on a recent visit to his farm.

“Sincere congratulations to Simon on receiving Compassion’s inaugural Sustainable Food and Farming Award for his exciting revitalisation of the countryside on his farm, in a way that delivers healthy food and higher animal welfare,” says Mr. Lymbery.“I was thrilled to have the opportunity of visiting Simon and to meet the pasture-fed cattle and sheep that have helped to transform the landscape into one that is thriving once more.”

Images by Dr Angela Wright, PFLA

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