Colorado farmers visit

PfL’s South East team reports back

Last Friday a few Pasture for life farmers were asked to host a party of Americans from Colorado. It was difficult to tell from their request the reasons for their visit as they were predominately representing their state legislature, university or farm bureau. Trade links were certainly touched upon but true to our PfL passion we fed them mob grazing and soil health! What better way to do that than take a look around David Cornforth’s set up at Sandhurst.

It was soon apparent that several of our guests were as enthusiastic about soil health as we all are and digging a spit of earth brought forth comments and discussion. One lady in particular was ‘super excited’ (as they say) when David mentioned compost and was happy to get stuck in feeling and smelling Davids latest heap!

As ever time soon ran out and no sooner had we walked down to the cattle it was time to head back to the ranch, sorry farm, and find lunch. I had been asked to find a real old English pub, which isn’t much of a problem in the High Weald and after much admiration of the view and oak beams of The Queens Head, Icklesham Deborah gave a short resume of PfL aims and aspirations before we ate some good pub grub. Sadly time again restricted the afternoon visit to my farm at Pickham but at least they did spend a little time here before travelling back to London.

I really enjoyed meeting all our guests who showed genuine enthusiasm for what we do and I hope it will further the cause in their part of the world. Two things stood out for me, one was their amazement that we find a major source of education from Gabe Brown and Greg Judy on Utube and Deborah worrying about whether she should have rightly made a comment regarding keeping trade local! Nothing wrong with that Deborah!

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