April 11, 2023

FOR SALE: Traditional Hereford Heifers and Cow in calf

Price: 1500


Original population Traditional Hereford heifers and cow in calf. Certified Pasture For Life, beautiful and docile, thrive in pasture based system, never any TB in herd, closed herd, various bull sires, herd registered with breeding society. Can't keep them all!

Animal Type Cattle
TB Status Clear
Category Breeding animal
Sex(es): Cow 1
Sex(es): Heifer 3
Certification Pasture for Life
Outwintered? Yes
Homebred? Yes

Contact Details

Business Name: Penbanc Pasture

Name: Kate Bradshaw

County/Location: Pembrokeshire

Email: annakate@penbancpasture.co.uk

Website: www.penbancpasture.co.uk

Phone Number: 07812 122282

Mobile Number: 07812 122282