October 18, 2023

FOR SALE: Herd for sale at Pengreep Farm, Ponsanooth, near Truro, Cornwall

Price: Prices by negotiation


Pasture for Life member Ben Mead has maintained PenGreep Farm for 30 years with his cows at the centre. You might say that it is the cows that manage the farm – converting cellulose into meat and through their manure sustaining the nutrient cycle and the farm’s biodiversity through the recycling of seeds. The low-input approach to the farm can be best summarised in this 8-minute film “Do nothing farming.”

Originally one of the first 100% grass-fed crossbred dairy herds in the UK, it has more recently been transformed into a dual-purpose beef herd by the use of carefully selected Stabiliser and Lowline Angus sires - producing essentially short and solid cows well-suited to performing on a fully grazed grass diet. In fact, these animals have never eaten concentrate as the herd has been grain-free for 30years.

The herd consists of some 80 females, 60 of which are of breeding age and most are in calf (not pd’d yet) plus another 20 of this year’s female followers. They are organically certified with the Biodynamic Association and are Spring-calving.

They are very low maintenance, mob grazed on diverse pasture and trained to electric fences. The herd has TB-free status and they currently have a pre-movement test valid for 5 weeks.

The herd is now for sale due to Ben’s impending retirement and he would like to them to go to a home that shares his vision of ruminant animals raised wholly on pasture. He is inviting offers for the herd, ideally the whole herd so that they can sustain their natural relationships that have evolved over several decades but, if not, in groups ideally split naturally by type. Prices by negotiation.  More details on the individual animals are available on request.

Animal Type Cattle
TB Status Clear
Category Dairy animal
Sex(es): Cow 80
Age of animal(s) 60 of which are of breeding age and most are in calf (not pd’d yet) plus another 20 of this year’s female followers.
Named sire Stabiliser and Lowline Angus sires
Certification Organic
Outwintered? No
Homebred? Yes

Contact Details

Business Name: Pengreep Farm

Name: Ben Mead

County/Location: Cornwall

Email: bhmead@icloud.com

Mobile Number: 07974 931242