April 2, 2024

FOR SALE: Aberdeen Angus & Shorthorn Cows to Bull & Cows with Calves at Foot – FOR SALE

Price: Negotiable


We’ve made a difficult decision to reduce our herd this year, so hoping there might be some of you out there looking to replace/expand this Spring?

FOR SALE: ~ x30 PFLA certified Aberdeen Angus Breeding Cows (24months-11yrs) most with Calves at Foot, ready for bulling end of April onwards + potentially some cracking Angus heifers ~14months.

Our herd has been completely closed for the last 40yrs, using Genus named bulls via AI, 100% grass-fed, PFLA & Red Tractor certified, & TB / BVD-free.

Those for sale are predominantly Aberdeen Angus with a few British Blues.

All cattle are trained to paddock grazing, with electric fence systems.

Fantastic condition & temperament cattle that would be a great addition to any herd, and we would love to see them go on to another Regen farm, rather than go through the markets.


Animal Type Cattle
TB Status Clear
Category Breeding animal
Sex(es): Cow 16
Sex(es): Cow with calve at foot 26
Age of animal(s) Between 21months - 11years
Breed Aberdeen Angus, predominantly, some Shorthorn X & British Blue X
Named sire All from Genus AI bulls
Certification Pasture for Life
Outwintered? No
Homebred? Yes

Contact Details

Business Name: Valley Farm

Name: David Atkinson

County/Location: Buckinghamshire

Email: david@valleyfarmpasturefed.co.uk

Website: https://www.valleyfarmpasturefed.co.uk

Phone Number: 07710 630050

Mobile Number: 07710 630050