New 100% pasture fed cheese

(Photo: Trinity cheese, Paxton & Whitfield) (Photo: Trinity cheese, Paxton & Whitfield)

Trinity cheese

Trinity” is a new and exclusive 100% pasture-fed cheese from Paxton & Whitfield, produced in collaboration with Hollis Mead Dairy (Pasture for Life certified). Hollis Mead Dairy is situated in Dorset and sources their own milk to produce their cheese, following pasture-fed, regenerative farming practices.

What does our ‘Pasture for Life’ certification assure? It certifies animals that are reared on a wholly natural, 100% pasture-fed diet, prioritising animal welfare, nutrition and biodiversity.

Trinity is a mould-ripened, triple cream soft cheese handmade using pasture-fed, organic cow’s milk and cream from Hollis Mead Dairy. Paxton & Whitfield’s goal behind this cheese is to support and work with a small-scale producer while adding a distinguished addition to our cheese range.

Paxton & Whitfield have also created Trinity with Truffles, featuring a slither of black truffles, producing delicious, earthy flavours that complements the cheese beautifully.

(Photo: Trinity with Truffles cheese, Paxton & Whitfield)

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