Victoria Wainwright – Communications Manager

Victoria Wainwright – Communications Manager -

Victoria is our Communications Manager with 10 years’ experience working across comms, branding, strategic and sustainability development for businesses, charities and government.

She is busy deliverying our marketing and comms strategy and our new visual identity.

She is specialist in understanding complex organisations and problems, and delivering simple, straightforward and common sense strategies and solutions which enable organisations to act on some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Previously working in Policy & Influence at Soil Association, Planning Director at Futerra leading the global re-brand of sustainability certification Rainforest Alliance, and strategies for food, fashion, technology and cosmetics clients.

Cut her teeth on the Ogilvy graduate scheme where she worked as a strategic planner across ATL, direct, digital, activation, experiential, branding, packaging design and behaviour change.

She has a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Sustainable Food & Natural Resources, alongside 10 years real-world experience working on social and environmental issues, enabling her to bring a unique blend of insight and human understanding alongside scientific rigour to her work.

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