Philippa Stagg

Membership and Office Manager

Philippa Stagg - Membership and Office Manager

Most recently a member of the Secretariat for the Global Dairy Sustainability Framework, Philippa was previously Head of Communications for DairyCo (now AHDB Dairy) before becoming a freelance consultant. She has also previously worked in hotel management and is adept at managing large projects, as well as being an enthusiastic and knowledgeable follower of the UK’s growing ‘foodie’ culture.

The new role will mean a central point of contact for the existing 330 members and a dedicated resource for those considering joining the PFLA. She had recruited eight new members after just a week in the job!

Philippa has a passion for sustainable food production.

“Consumers increasingly want to know where their food comes from and that it has been produced in a sustainable and responsible way. The PFLA certification shows this exactly and I look forward to meeting the members and help them share the message to new members.”

As well as working for the PFLA, Philippa also organises and promotes the Cotswold Show and Food Festival, which happens over a weekend in early July each year, at Circencester Park, in Gloucestershire.

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