Boley Pasture Ltd

Boley Pasture Ltd

Batch End Farm is a family-run commercial dairy farm in Somerset that is home to 340 grass-fed, organic dairy cows.

The farm has been running a very low input, purely pasture-fed system for over 15 years. And the herd has been organic and milked just once-a-day in a large open-air parlour for over 10 years.

The whole herd calves in the spring and the mild coastal air means that the cows are out grazing lush clover-rich pastures for their whole nine month lactation. At no point in their lives are they fed any grains, soya, concentrates or other supplementary feeds. They quite simply are turning grass to very high quality milk, which then goes off to make Lye Cross organic vintage cheddar cheese.

The cows are dried-off in early December when they come in to a large barn for the winter, where they are loose-housed on straw and are fed grass silage and hay.

This is a very low-input, natural, free-range system where the health of the cow is paramount and the focus is on quality of life for the cows and the high quality of the low volumes of milk they produce. It is the antithesis of the high input, high yielding, intensive systems of mainstream dairying in the UK today.

The system benefits the cows, who live long, stress-free lives, with many still producing well into their teens, the farmer, who receives a premium for the high quality of the milk, and the environment, with the low carbon-footprint.

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Address: Batch End Farm, Batch Lane, Lympsham, Weston super mare, Somerset, BS24 0EX England

Telephone: 01934751270

Mobile: 07786638707