Challons Combe Organics

Challons Combe Organics

Challon's Combe is a traditional Organic family dairy farm in South-West Devon. If you share our passion for tasty, top quality and naturally wholesome food, then you will love our delicious dairy produce from our naturally fed cows.

Our herd, based on British Friesans, is fed solely on grass and forage - hay, grass/clover silage, stubble turnips in summer and fodder beet in winter. This very natural diet and the spring water they drink keeps the cattle in good health and means that the milk they produce is of premium quality and provenance and of course also means our milk has very low food miles.

Challon’s Combe farm has been run as a family business for three generations and has been certified organic since 2001. When we started farming organically we soon noticed how much healthier our livestock had become. This convinced us that natural is best, so we do not homogenise any of our milk and our award-winning natural yoghurt contains nothing but our own organic milk and vital living bacteria. We take great care to make our products as tasty and nutritious as we can.

We produce and sell locally whole and semi-skimmed milk as well as cream and yoghurt from our fresh cows milk in our own on farm processing dairy.

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Contact Details

Address: Challon's Combe Farm, Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 4NQ England

Telephone: 01548 550 044

Mobile: 01548 550 197


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