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Salter & King Ltd

Combining pasture-fed, naturally reared and slow-grown meat with a passionate and progressive approach to butchery, we offer exceptional organic, free-range and traditional-breed meat from our cohort of enlightened Suffolk farmers.

Our promise is...

  • To sell only the very, very best pasture-fed and additive-free meat
  • To source all our meat from free-range, organic and small scale farmers who use natural farming methods that actively encourage the soil and surrounding countryside to flourish
  • To strive to work in partnership with our exceptional local farmers, fostering trust and nurturing the local rural economy
  • To provide outstanding butchery so that meat is hung, cut and prepared with real, expert knowledge and skill
  • To cherish our customers and provide them with exemplary personalised service
  • To use natural ingredients and natural additives whenever we possibly can

Pasture Fed Beef

We are passionate about good beef. We have several local farms from which we buy our animals but we have a special relationship with Natasha Mann, whose award-wining herd of Lincoln Reds is fed on the lush pastures and varied meadows that abut the River Alde at Iken. The Lincoln Red is one of our oldest native breeds, and Natasha’s herd of grass-fed pedigree cattle is grown very slowly so that the beef has an amazing deep flavour and real tenderness. Generally, animals from Natasha have lots of marbelling, wonderful creamy fat and a great rich colour. We take her organic heiffers and grass-fed steers.

We also have a very special beef that we have developed with Natasha – Iken Old Cow. This beef comes from animals in the herd that have grazed on grass for between 6 and 12 years. It makes an incredibly flavoursome beef that can’t be bought anywhere else, and is a real treat.

We hang all our beef for between 4 and 8 weeks, but can hang it longer on request.

You can buy any of this beef in one of our Beef Boxes or individually from our online shop, or via phone or email.

Butchers in Suffolk

We have a butchers shop in Aldeburgh and Peasenhall, Suffolk where we focus on seasonality and traditional breeds.  We aim to combine the most natural, wonderful free-range and organic meat from our loyal local farmers with a progressive approach to butchery. Often this means using traditional and long-forgotten cutting and handling techniques, but it also means excellent service, interesting recipes and different or unusual cuts of meat.

Traditional-breed beef, mutton, organic lamb and hoggett are all available. We also have a range of our own shop-specialities, including meat balls, traditional-breed beef burgers, wonderful pies and unusual cuts that make great little meals for children or week-day suppers.

Order pasture fed meat online for UK delivery

Our customers can order products via our online shop ( or by telephone (01728 452758).

If you wish to discuss our meat or if you’d like something in particular, please give us a call - we’d be delighted to hear from you if you need advice from an expert.

Contact Details

Address: Salter & King Ltd, 107-109 High Street, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, IP15 5AR England

Telephone: 01728 452 758

Mobile: 07970 286 418


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