We’re a fourth generation family firm that is based at our plant in Wishaw. Rory Duff and his son Andrew run the company. Each morning they handpick the beef and lamb for all the day’s orders according to each customer’s specification. We ensure you get exactly what you ask for.

All primal cuts we produce are matured on the bone to ensure tenderness. Sides hang for a minimum of four days prior to cutting. We believe dry ageing really contributes to the richness and succulence of the meat – creating beef like that our ancestors eulogised over.

All cattle come to us with a passport, which states breed, parentage and the farm or farms that have looked after them. Passports match up with the ear tags on each animal. Details from the passport are then transferred to each individual carcass label, which gives our customers all the information they require.

One of the advantages of a small family firm with a limited number of customers, is that it’s possible to maintain proper working relationships based on a real understanding of customer specifications on one side and supplier capability on the other. It also means you know who you’re talking to and who’s accountable – that’s usually Andrew or Rory. And if it’s not, you’ll be given the name of whoever is standing in for them.

We provide a tailored service for each of our customers. We note your specifications with regards to marbling, grade, weight and fat cover. As part of their daily routine Rory and Andrew go downstairs first thing in the morning and personally select the beef and lamb for every order according to each customer’s specification. This ensures peace of mind that you will receive exactly what you asked for. We also carry out daily quality inspections on all our beef and lamb going out that day prior to it being despatched.

Our premium beef comes from the MACDUFF Producer Group – a small fraternity of farms with whom we hold regular meetings to ensure top quality is maintained. All members of the group are family farms that span back several generations. They all have in-depth knowledge of animal welfare and rearing that means the animals have the best quality of life possible. All farms are regularly inspected through their farm assurance (QMS) to guarantee high standards are maintained.

Our Producer Group are NOT PFLA certified farms and therefore we work with some of the finest PFLA certified farms in Scotland which include Robert at Fife Dexters, Johnnie Balfour of Balbirnie Home Farms and The Waltons at Peelham Farm to name a few and we are open to working with all Scottish PFLA certified farms. PFLA certified beef is a small but growing section of our product range and we only sell whole carcase as a product, we would love to grow our PFLA supplier base further, and if you are interested in buying whole carcass PFLA products from us then please specify that PFLA is what you are looking for when making initial contact.

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Address: MACDUFF 1890, 185 Caledonian Road, Wishaw, Lanarkshire, ML2 0HT Scotland

Telephone: 01698355931

Mobile: 07895408672


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