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T&G Wholesale Meats Ltd is a family run business with over 30 years experience in the UK meat industry. We specialise in hand selected carcass and bone in cuts of Beef, Lamb, Pork and Poultry as well as boneless boxed products.

T&G Dry Age specialises in beef which has been hand selected by our teams in Scotland, West Country the Lake District and South East. Scotch and West Country PGI (protected geographical indication) means that the beef is born, reared and slaughtered in Scotland or the West Country. We also have 100% grass fed Dexter’s from the Lake District and I am working closely with the Pasture for Life Association on whole carcass. We also specialise in Ex- Dairy or OTM which is hugely popular due to the marbling, age and story.

Our dry ageing facility in Ascot, Berkshire has been specifically designed to provide a delicate balance between temperature, humidity, airflow and Himalayan salt to produce a very clean and dry product which is packed full of flavour. There are two chambers which stretch over 1000sqft and house some of the most amazing beef.

We have fantastic Herdwick Lambs from Millbeck Farm, originally purchased by Beatrix Potter in 1936 before it was given to the Lake District National Trust in 1940 under the condition it was kept as a traditional Herdwick farm. The lambs graze on 100 different species of grass, flowers, herbs and bracken spanning across 250acres of the Langdale fells. The Herdwicks are not mass-produced, factory farmed or force fed which is why they are slaughtered at 12 months instead of the usual 6-8 months. Because of the way in which they are left to graze they are slightly darker in colour and more intense in their flavour whilst still maintaining that lovely succulent texture.

Our Herb Fed Chickens live in mobile huts in small flock sizes, are hand-fed and bedded up daily with fresh straw. As well as foraging in the pasture, from 4 weeks old fresh herbs are introduced into the chicken’s diet. The herbs are a mixture including basil, chives, dill, coriander and various salads to name just a few. Their absolute favourite is rocket and when the odd chili arrives there is always a fight for it – the only herb they don’t like is sage! All the herbs are fresh herbs that have simply gone past their best and a by-product of a local herb farm that would otherwise end up on a compost heap. By 8 weeks old the chickens will eat up to a tonne of fresh herbs each week. By adapting their diet in such a way it enhances the natural flavour of the meat giving it an extra dimension. The meat also remains wonderfully moist when cooked. Furthermore, pecking through the herbs keeps the birds occupied resulting in a happy and extremely healthy bird.

We firmly believe that our continued success is down to the dedicated team of individuals who work around the clock to provide a personal and professional service to retail/catering butchers throughout the South East.

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Address: T&G Wholesale Meats Ltd , Unit H3 Ascot Business Park , Lyndhurst Road , Ascot , Berkshire, SL5 9ED England

Telephone: 01344 626402

Mobile: 07855 387773

Email: melanie@tgwholesalemeats.co.uk

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