Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce

Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce

About Us

Here at Hampton we are incredibly proud of our pedigree herd of Sussex cows. We are based in between Farnham and Guildford, and our herd graze on the lush pastures of the Surrey Hills.

We are all about producing the best beef - distinctively delicious and reared in a way that enriches the environment our cows live in.

We strongly believe in rearing our animals slowly and naturally, not rushing any part of the process. We take our time, working with Nature’s restful pace to create top quality, truly wonderful beef.

We achieve this through three simple elements; a natural choice of breed, a naturally fed herd, and cows naturally reared for as long as it takes.

The Breed

Sussex cows are a native British beef breed. They are ideally suited to the varied conditions and grazing found across Hampton’s landscapes. The cattle are hardy enough to live outdoors all year-round, and are known for the succulent beef they produce.


The Feed

Our cows only eat grass. They graze well rested meadow pastures as well as mixed woodlands across the estate. This breadth of diet from nature’s larder not only brings natural medicinal benefits to the cattle, but also adds richness and depth to the flavour of the beef.


The Rearing

All our cows are born and reared on the estate, enjoying a carefree life with as little interference as possible. We wean our calves naturally to minimise nutritional and emotional stress. The animals we fatten for beef take as long as they need, fattening in their own time, ready by around 30 months. Our animals then travel a short distance to our local abattoir where they are then hung for a month. They are then butchered by our local butcher according to a bespoke cutting list each month which reflects our customers’ individual orders.

Ordering and Collecting your Delicious Beef

Our lovely customers join us once a month in the beautiful setting at Hampton to enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and lots of homemade cake. They also pick up their beef. Each bespoke order is accompanied by a bunch of fresh Hampton herbs from the walled garden in a reusable Hampton jute bag, carried to your car. What more could you ask for? Oh, and we love to give our customers insider tips on the best cooking techniques for their prime cuts.

We also produce a range of wild roe venison, seasonal game, our own pork and beef sausages and mouth-watering Hampton Homemade Beef Pies all available to buy at our beef days.

If you would like to get involved in this best-beef-buying experience visit www.hamptonestate.co.uk  to get details of our next beef day and register for our monthly newsletter filled with beefy news.

From pasture to plate we have shaped a natural system around a breed which thrives on the richness and diversity of the environment at Hampton Estate. We look forward to sharing our story and produce with you.

Contact Details

Address: Hampton Estate Naturally Reared Produce, Hampton Estate Office, , Stables South, Shoelands Farm Offices, Guildford, Surrey, GU10 1HL England

Telephone: 01483810465

Mobile: 07770421306

Email: billbiddell@hamptonestate.co.uk

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