Fife Dexters

Fife Dexters

Hello. We're Kate and Robert and we have a small farm up in North Fife near St.Andrews in Scotland where we have a herd of about 50 pedigree Dexter cattle. All our cattle are 100% Pasture Fed and we are Organically certified by the Soil Association.

Dexters are a small, native breed (descended from the small, black cattle of the Celts) and produce delicious, juicy, marbled beef. They spend their entire lives outdoors on our farm, grazing on our clover, herbal and wildflower rich pastures and woodlands. Being a small breed means that all the joints and cuts are of an ideal family size.

We currently try and sell some of our Dexter Beef locally, via a 'Beef Box' scheme. Each Beef Box typically weighs about 10kg and consists of a variety of cuts from roasting joints and steaks through to mince and diced. All the beef is hung  for at least 28 days and is  butchered by our local artisan butcher. All the beef cuts will be vacuum packed, labelled and will be ready either for eating or freezing. Food miles are minimal.

We try and run a our Dexter Beef Box scheme about 1-2 times per year. As we try to match customer demand with what cattle we have ready, there will sometimes be a bit of a wait until your box is ready. Fast Food we are not!

If you are interested in a Dexter Beef Box or have any other queries please contact us via the email below and we would be delighted to answer any questions.

Dexter cattle grazing in a field of clover.

Dexter cattle deep in a field of new spring grass.

Typical Dexter Beef Box - about 10kg worth of beef, all vacuum packed, clearly labelled and ready either for immediate use or for freezing.

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Address: Wester Logie Farm, Logie, Cupar, Fife, KY15 4SJ Scotland


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