Hampton Gay Farm

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Hampton Gay Farm

Hampton Gay Farm is a mixed, small-scale, Organic farm situated at the end of a single track dead-end road on the edge of the Cotswolds.

We are Pasture for Life certified and driven by regenerative farming practices; low input and slow output. All our breeds are native UK breeds - English Longhorn Cattle, Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs.

Our Longhorn Cattle  graze year-round on our Organic Permanent Pastures and Herbal Leys. They are 100% Pasture Fed, which is not only better for the livestock and the environment, but results in meat that is healthier, full of nutrients and packed with flavour.

Our rare-breed Oxford Sandy and Black pigs spend their entire lives outdoors free to roam, root, forage, wallow and express their natural behaviours as they please. They take a significant portion of their diet from our pastures, resulting in highly flavoursome meat with a good covering of fat.

We sell our Beef and Pork via our online shop. We are able to deliver orders over £35 for free in the local area, and customers can order online and collect direct from the farm. Orders can also be sent out by 24-hour overnight courier.

Contact Details

Address: Manor Farm, Hampton Gay, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 2QH England

Telephone: 07974315684

Mobile: 07974315684

Email: sales@hamptongay.com

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