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Peelham Farm Produce

Multi-award winning Peelham is a 650ac organic, pasture-for-life, family-run farm located close to the Berwickshire Coast in the Scottish Borders. The farm business partnership  has been evolving from its original 10ha small holding since 1990 and now includes  Chris, Denise and Angus Walton.  Helen, Angus's wife is involved with the business though currently rather busy with two small children !   Now retired Amanda Cayley,  Chris and Denise's original business partner is still very involved in the life of the farm and the butchery.

In its organic & pasture-for-life (beef & veal only) on-farm butchery, smoker and charcuterie facility the Peelham Family uses its  beef (pasture-for-life), veal (pasture-for-life), mutton and lamb (not pasture-for-life), and  Free-range pork to make its organic charcuterie, salamis, sausages, burgers, bacon, hams and traditional meat cuts which it supplies direct to the consumer via its website, farmers markets, restaurants, hotels, delicatessens and independent, ethical retailers. Though grass fed and reared Peelhams mutton ewes and lamb are not certified Pasture-for-life.  Peelham has awards for the quality of its food produce, its farm management, innovation, business and environmental ethos. It believes that the combination of organic and pasture-for-life is the 'Gold Standard' of land and welfare management.

Mission Statement  "The farming family business partnership of Cayley Walton Partners, is an integrated, organic, pasture-for-life  farming and food production enterprise, selling meat from its farm and through its butchery direct to the customer.  It delivers clear provenance and promises high quality with positive environmental impact.   It aspires to excellence in soil and land-management, animal care, environmental stewardship and customer service.  It believes that its most valuable resource are its employees and seeks continuously to ensure an open, fair and fulfilling working relationship with each of them as the first foundation of a successful business”.

The Peelham philosophy: ‘Sustainable self-reliance’

The Peelham motto:   Love the land, Love the animal, Love their produce’

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Peelham has a herd of 150 Aberdeen Angus cattle with a few elderly Luing and Sim-luing cross cows remaining from previous breeding  before moving entirely to Aberdeen Angus.  It has 6 Aberdeen Angus bulls.  Its sheep (mutton ewes and store lambs), are mostly  Lleyn, Easy-care and Lleyn x Texel

With the farm currently an entirely beef breeding enterprise, Peelham co-operatively with a small network of other organic farmers sources its lamb, mutton, pigs.  This includes lamb and mutton ewes from Pasture for Life farms HL Nelles, Thistleyhaugh, Morpeth in Northumberland and Hugh Grierson, Newmilne, Perthshire. In addition to its own stock for Pasture-for-Life Veal, Peelham also sources from Organic & Pasture-for-life, cow-with-calf dairies Mossgiel and Rainton (both in Dumfries and Galloway).

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Address: Peelham Farm Produce, Peelham Farm, Foulden, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Berwickshire, TD15 1UG Scotland

Telephone: 01890781328

Mobile: 07890266953


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