Havard & Co Organic Farms

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Havard & Co Organic Farms

Quite simply we produce the best beef we possibly can for our customers. Grass fed is one thing, but on our farms it has to be fresh grass every day. We all know that nothing thrives on one food alone - That is why our pastures are full of herbs and wild-flowers so every mouthful an animal takes is as full of essential vitamins and minerals as possible. Happy healthy cows is good for them and good for us too. We don't think you will find a better cleaner product anywhere in the UK.

For more information go to our website: www.phepsonfarm.co.uk

Call us on (01905) 391 945 or 07973771832 (Rob Havard)

Rob farms the land with his wife Claire and 3 eager young farmers - Tom - 8, Erin - 6 and Sophie 4.



Contact Details

Address: Havard & Co Organic Farms, Phepson Farm, Himbleton, Droitwich, Worcester, Worcestershire, wr9 7jz England

Telephone: 01905391945

Mobile: 07973771832

Email: rob@phepsonfarm.co.uk

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